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I went to an event Jason as hosting “All About Medicare” and was so impressed how he conducted himself and explained how the Medicare system works, though he was unable to go through prices and plans, I asked Jason for a business card and told him I would phone him when I received my Medicare card. This past December Jason visited me at a local coffee shop and helped me choose an insurance plan that would work for me. I really wanted a good dental plan that was affordable, and fortunately Jason was able to locate one for me. I appreciate all your help Jason.

Muhamed S.

I attempted to enroll my myself on a Medicare plan, however there were way too many plans for me to choose from. Jason was local in the San Fernando Valley and offered to come to my house and go through all my plan options. I was able to find 10 plans, however Jason simplified the process, narrowed it down to 3 plans, and ultimately found the right plan for me. Jason made the entire process so easy and felt very comfortable working with Jason. When my husband turns 65, I will make sure he contacts you. Thank you again Jason.

Harun F.

Jason's knowledge and compassion have been invaluable to me, as well as friends and family who have used his services. He does his homework and ably navigates the labyrinth of insurance options. I can't imagine managing this part of my life without his help. I recommend him without reservation.

Marcy D.

Jason was tremendously helpful. He not only explained the ins and outs of Medicare but he also could tell you the best company to go with to suit your needs. He addressed everything from the signup process to the additional services provided by the various carriers. He was phenomenal.

Jeana T.

With rising healthcare and prescription costs year after year, you really need someone in your corner to help you wade through the insurance industry and options, and that’s where Jason comes in. He truly cares about his clients, and is always looking for the best deals they can get to keep costs down. I can’t recommend him enough, and I’ve been working with him for several years now.

Ar S.

This guy is a total professional when it comes to Medicare and navigating me through the Medicare maze of complete confusion. You were patient, completely thorough, and explained all my option to help me make an informed decision. I highly recommend Jason for all your Medicare needs.

Kylian D.

I couldn't be happier with a health insurance agent than I am with Jason! He has gone above and beyond to help me get a beneficial policy. I highly recommend him.

Alana L.

Jason guided me thru several medical insurance policy changes. He is very responsive, He is highly knowledgeable of the benefits, limitations and processes associated with all the Medicare plans. I highly recommend him.

Peter P.

Jason is always helpful with any questions or requests regarding our insurance coverage. It is a pleasure working with him.

Diane S.

Jason is so knowledgeable and helpful, I felt like I was going in circles until I spoke to him and he handled everything for me. I recommend him to anyone searching for insurance coverage!